Unhook from trauma and get back to your life

Work with an EMDR therapist and an Accredited EMDR Consultant to help you start enjoying your life again.

An EMDR Therapist can help you

Feel like yourself again.

Let go of the control the past has over you, so you can live a fulfilling, meaningful life.

Learn to work with rather than against your emotions. Stopping them feeling so big or hard to handle.

Work with me either online or inperson in Staffordshire.

We know how hard it can be to feel like yourself again after a traumatic experience. It can be frustrating to just want to get on with life again. You are working so hard to stop past experiences intruding into the present.

I believe that life is too short to be hooked to a traumatic event or experiences that were in the past.

You can work with me as an EMDR therapist to get unhooked from these experiences in the present so that you can look back and remember without re-experiencing it now.

You shouldn't have to work so hard to keep what happened in the past

Let's put what happened in the past. Work with an EMDR therapist and move forward again.

Let go of what happened

We can't change the past, but together with EMDR therapy we can get to a place where you can remember what happened without re-experiencing it.

Tolerate difficult emotions

You shouldn't have to be overwhelmed by your past. EMDR therapy can help you reduce the overwhelm you feel about your past.

Feel more like yourself again

It's not as simple as just getting over it, or you would have been over it already. EMDR therapy can help you enjoy those things you used to love but you've been avoiding.

How does EMDR therapy work?

I know that you want to get back to living a full life again. To do that, you need to put what happened firmly in the past. The problem is traumatic experiences often intrude in the present, which can make you feel anxious and exhausted.

I understand how hard it can be to feel like yourself again after a traumatic experience.

I use proven psychological therapies that help you stop re-experiencing the past in the present.

As an EMDR therapist and Consultant I have expertise in this psychological model that helps you severe the connection you have to the past.

I understand it can be difficult to find an EMDR therapist

I understand how it’s hard when you recognise that you need to do something to stop the impact that your mental health is having on your life. It can feel confusing and overwhelming.

Know that you are not alone.

Many people have been through that same journey with me. People I have worked with in the past have told me how they “feel hopeful for the future” and “have seen a light at the end of the tunnel” one client was so pleased saying “I’ve got my life back.” This is the positive impact that working with an EMDR Therapist can have on you.

Together we can work on helping you let go of the control the past has over you so you can live a fulfilling, meaningful life. This will help you build emotional resilience and learn to tolerate difficult emotions so that you can feel like yourself again.”

Hello, I'm Dr Hannah Bryan

I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and a Europe Accredited EMDR Facilitator and Consultant.

I have over 20 years experience in both the NHS and private practice.

After seeing the benefits of trauma focused treatment I’m passionate about helping clients recover fromt their traumatic experiences.

I also support other therapists training in EMDR, I am a Facilitator on training courses and offer specific supervision packages and training to support this.

Here is how we can work together?

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