Post traumatic growth

It is almost impossible to get through our lives without something difficult, adversive or traumatic happening to us. Psychological therapy and EMDR often will really help decrease the trauma symptoms. Trauma does change us as people and many people can experience Post traumatic growth after trauma.

A consequence of being human means that there is a lot of suffering. To be human means that we make attachments. Making attachments means that they might be broken. It is tough at times.

To be human means that we go out into the world and accidents can happen.

Being human means we can go out to work and again accidents can happen.

To be human means that we experience life events and these are often difficult.

As humans however we are driven towards survival.  Time and time again we see the resilience pull through. You are capable of more that you ever believed. We really can do hard things. We can get through traumatic and overwhelming times.

Science and psychological outcome studies show us that we can recover from trauma symptoms. And after the trauma is over healing can begin. Part of this healing can often be that we feel we can grow through the trauma.  We can learn from our experiences, heal and have post traumatic growth because of them.

Whilst we never want the trama, the adversive experiences to happen, sadly time and time again they do. But we can get through it.

We can get through tough times

Things can be different

Trauma does change us.

But when we are healing, growth also can occur.

We may develop a deeper appreciation for our life.

It might be that you are grateful that you survived your trauma. 

Maybe after experiencing a bereavement you recognise how short life is and have a new appreciation for yours making sure that you do what you want to within it. 

You may look back on what you have been through and recognise just how far you have come. You can develop a deeper connection with your abilities and strengths.

Perspective is changeable and there is nothing like surviving a difficult trauma to help us put things into perspective and perhaps look at life through a different lens. Post traumatic growth is learning and growing through those experiences we have lived through.

It takes time for us to process and work through our trauma so we can begin that journey of post traumatic growth

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