EMDR Intensives

Providing  EMDR therapy in a concentrated and extended framework within a shorter timeframe

You can achieve the benefits of months of EMDR therapy within days

Life is busy and it can often feel too much to fit in a weekly therapy session

But with EMDR we don’t have to stick to the traditional therapy model of working only once a week for a typical 50 minute session. With EMDR Intensives, EMDR is provided within a more frequent time schedule. 

EMDR Intensives can help you

Process your memories quicker by Accelerating the therapeutic process.

Experience an immersive environment for healing.

Feeling more like yourself again.

EMDR Intensives package includes:

A 90 minute assessment session

2- 3 half day intensives in the same week

One follow up session

EMDR Intensives might help you if..

You are a busy professional who struggles to have frequent weekly slots in their diary but would be able to block out a set period of time.

If you have experienced a single event trauma and know that this is what you want to focus on in your therapy.

Perhaps there is a space in your diary such as time off from work or when dependents are away from home.

You might have experienced the death of a loved one and feel stuck with your grieving process and do not want to prolong the experience.

You are specific about what you want to work on.

There is a specific phobia such as fear of flying, spiders, wasps, dogs that you want to change.

You might have a specific fear that stops you performing as the best version of yourself. 

There might be a performance block that you need to work through to enhance your performance and help you achieve your best.

Plus many more issues …..


Benefits of EMDR Intensives

Progress is often more rapid than weekly sessions

The immersive nature of the experience means you stay really focused.

The focus can be more indepth leading to deeper healing.

There's is less interuption to both your life and the therapeutic process by just getting the work done in the allocated time.

EMDR Intensives can often lead to accelerated insights with the work being so concentrated.

Session fee

90 minute assessment session – £190

Intensive session- £390

Follow up – £130

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Hi I'm Dr Hannah Bryan

I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and a Europe Accredited EMDR Facilitator and Consultant.

My work has included 20 years experience in both the NHS and private practice.

I am only human and like you have had my hard times and I have got many blocking beliefs that at times hold me back from me realising my potential and being my best. 

My work includes providing psychological therapy and EMDR informed coaching.

I also support other therapists training in EMDR, I am the co-founder of Mindsync EMDR Training. I offer specific supervision packages and training to support EMDR therapists