I used to think that it was just me that struggled. When I struggled with anxiety around the time of my GCSE’s I didn’t think anyone else had the same anxiety as me, I thought it was just me. When I was revising for A’ levels it was the same. I recall arriving for my interview for Clinical Psychology training and really thinking that everyone else in the room was different, actually better than me. They were more clearer and focused in their thinking, more academic, brighter, sparklier etc etc. 

It’s only through talking to people more that I have realised that this simply is not the case. IT IS NOT JUST ME. Life isn’t meant to be easy, having struggles, anxieties, fears etc. seems to be a side effect of being human. But this does not mean that we should hold ourselves back, that we shouldn’t follow our dreams and create the life that we want for ourselves. Read on to find out more about how Coaching with EMDR can help you realise your portential and be your best.

It’s normal to struggle and find things difficult.

I always find comfort when I hear that high profile people who we may well think have it all still have their struggles. I’ve recently listened to the Calm series where Shawn Mendes talks about using meditation to help him with his performance anxiety. I watched the Taylor Swift documentary when she talked about feeling that her songwriting and her skill were not good enough. Really??? ?‍♀️ how can she think that? She’s amazing. And who can forget Prince Harry recently talking about how EMDR therapy helped him. These people who have achieved so highly in their profession still have to work at it and have had their challenges. No one has it easy.  

What I realise and talk a lot about to my clients now is that IT’S NORMAL TO STRUGGLE AND FIND THINGS DIFFICULT, everyone at some point does. 

When we push ourselves out of our comfort zone, our worries and performance anxieties come to the forefront of our mind.

If we are ever trying to enhance our life in any way, that could be to go for that job promotion, start our own business, achieve a sporting goal, we are likely to come up against blocking belief that if not acknowledged may well really hold us back.

It’s normal to feel triggered, anxious, uncomfortable if we are pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone. But what we know is that pushing ourselves out of that comfort zone is where all the magic tends to happen.

EMDR coaching can help us all.

So it’s ok to have our struggles, to have our blocks. BUT this doesn’t mean that we can’t achieve our goals or enhance our performance. Once we are aware of them we can try to challenge and change them and EMDR can help with this.

EMDR initially was developed by Francine Shapiro as a trauma focused treatment however as it has been used more widely, both inside and outside our therapy rooms. We are understanding that it can too be used in the field of post traumatic growth and in performance enhancement and peak performance.

When we have to do anything, we are performing, and this can cause us anxiety. We can often experience some fear. Using EMDR and coaching skills can help to target and process the key experiences that are linked to the negative or blocking beliefs around our performance. These could be beliefs such as “I can’t do this”. “I am not good enough” etc etc. This will help understand the blocks and beliefs that are holding us back from achieving our best and enhancing our performance. 

EMDR can then help us to develop and enhance our skills and qualities to help with performance enhancement. We can install and enhance positive beliefs. We can imagine and visualise the experience and use Bilateral Stimulation to process any anxiety around this.  Have a look Here to find out more about it EMDR can help you to enhance your performance and connect with all those qualities and skills inside you to help you be at you peak level of performance in whatever walk of life you find yourself in. And who doesn’t want that? ?‍♀️